Some Larkin Family Honors 

Dan writes: Lowering Drinking Age Bad Idea, Sep 2008
Dan Champions Motorcycle Safety, May 2008
Volunteers make ‘extreme’ repairs, Apr 20,2008
Michelle Interviewed by Times-Union, Mar 14, 2008
Saratogian Editorial: Rebuilding Together Saratoga 09/01/2007
Shane is a Champion Powerlifter, June 2007
Michelle Larkin, Housing Group Honored, Jun 2007
Shane Received All-star Football Award, Dec 2006
As if Michelle didn't have enough to do, Oct 2005
Show Case Homes Raises Funds for RTSC, Sep 2005
Michelle, Arts and Education Coordinator, Sep 2005
Dan, Shane, RTSC on Channel-9 News (Video) Apr 05
RTSC Fund Raiser & Big Spring Plans Nov 04
Michelle: 1 of 20 Over 40 Sep 2004
Tech Sgt Dan was a 2003 WCA Winner
Shane's Stunning Report Card 2003-4
Rebuilding Together Taking Applications Jun 04
Michelle's & Dan's "Shelter Surgeons" Apr 04
Michelle's Volunteers ready to rebuild together
Until April, Michelle Larkin will be busy Feb 04
Michelle Larkin and RTSC in Times-Union Jan 04
Michelle Larkin and RTSC in Post-Star Jan 04
Michelle Larkin President RTSC 0Jan 04
County police: Buckle up or be busted Dec 03
Dan Speaker at Lake Placid Conference Oct 03
Michelle is Front Page Business News Oct 02
Dan at 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial Wall Dec 01
Dan at NYC Press Conference, Dec 01
Michelle is Page 1 News, Dec 2001
Shane's Superb Report Card 2000/ 2001
Erica's Art Achievement Award 2001
Erica's Great Report Card 2000/2001
Shane is News, Jun 6 2001
Michelle is News, 1/27/2001


HER LIFE Spotlight: Michelle Larkin, April 2011
Michelle Larkin: Neighbor Extraordinaire 4/3/2009
Saratogian: Rebuilding Saratoga Together, Apr 19,2008
Legislative Gazette Interviews Dan 4/14/08
"Shane's having one of those seasons that doesn't happen much in people's lives" 10/20/2007
The Post-Star calls Erica is "a key player" for 2007
Trying to stop Shane Larkin (79) 9/1/2007
Volunteerism at Work, with Michelle Larkin 4/26/07
Home improvement effort brings friends together 4.23//07
Michelle's Rebuilding group ready for 2nd wave 4/28/6
Michelle's RTSC 2006 has 300 Volunteers, 17 Sites 
Michelle receives National Community Action Award
Rebuilding Together, Even in the Rain, May 1, 2005
Michelle's RTSC is headline news (again) Mar 2005
Dan with the NYS TracS Committee 2005
Shane's Johns Hopkins U. SAT Certificate, 2004
Erica's Superior Report Card March 2004
Shane's Awesome Report Card 2004
Traffic Tickets, Fact and Fiction, Sgt. Larkin, NYSP 2003
Erica's Great Report Card March 2003
Larkin Family Aids Needy D.C. Residents 1/ 2000
Erica in Post-Star, 12/19/2000
Shane's Iowa Test of Basic Skills 1999
Erica's Perfect Spelling, Jan 1999
Erica's Super Report Card 1999
Shane's Great Report Card  1990
Shane & Erica Won 7 Ribbon in 1998/1999
Shane: Special Person of the Week 1998 
Erica's Report Card 1998/1999
Shane's Report Card 1998/1999
Erica's Iowa Test of Basic Skills 1999
Shane's Report Card, May 1998
Erica's Report Card, May 1998
Dan is TV Star 1997