Once Upon a Time Mr. Shane Went to Washington

Shane and Grandma en route to the Tidal Basin

In April, 2002, Shane made his first solo flight to visit grandma and granddad. 

They ran Shane ragged.

 In addition to what is below, they ate at the Front Page, attended a rock concert at the Kennedy Center, saw a show at the Ford Theatre, and spent a half day riding the DC tour bus.

Shane and the DC Duck

One of DC's fun attractions is the "Duck," an amphibious vehicle made during WWII.

Shane and grandma took the "Duck" tour around the buildings and monuments on Capitol Hill. 

From there they went to Alexandria and into the Potomac River and rode upstream and then back to the ramp.

(Grandma is walking to the back to board. Shane (in yellow with blue cap) is looking down at her.)

Shane, the "Duck" Driver

The "Duck" driver and tour guide took Shane under his wing.

Here Shane is driving the Duck-turned-boat on the Potomac River while the tour guide does what tour guide do.

Shane at the Tidal Basin

Shane, grandma and granddad toured the FDR Memorial, one of grandma's favorite monuments in Washington. 

They then walked on to the Jefferson Memorial, which sites on the Tidal Basin facing the Washington Monument.


Shane and Paddle Boating

From the Jefferson Memorial, they walked around the Tidal Basin to the paddle boats. 

By this time it was getting pretty hot and granddad had done all the walking he wanted to do for awhile.

So Shane and grandma rented a paddle boat while granddad took a nap under one of the park trees.

Shane at the White House

No trip to Washington would be complete without seeing the White House. 

In earlier years, they might have taken a tour of the building but that is no longer possible.

Grandma and granddad have pictures of Shane and Erica both here at the White House since they were toddlers. Perhaps it will one day be home for one or both.

Shane at the National Zoo

Since Shane was old enough to walk,, the National Zoo is one of the places in Washington, D.C. that he's always liked.

His preferences have changed a bit as he has grown. While he still wanted to see the Panda Bears, this time he was also interested in some of the even more exotic animals, such as this shy and rarely seen Bongo from Africa.