Maureen Larkin Wright - Welcome to My Little Corner of Virginia

Christmas Dinner 2010

Dear Family,

Let me begin with a word about Christmas which is winding down here in the East. It has not been a very pretty day outside, in fact, one could honestly say that it definitely was not pretty. However, there has been a slow steady drifting of very fine snowflakes, and now there is a light dusting of snow covering everything. Paige will have a heavier dusting than my area because she lives farther east and on the other side of the I-95 corridor...and it's a southeast storm system.

A few minutes ago, a couple of birds flew up to my office window to tell me that the feeders were getting low and they wanted me to get outside and fill them while it is still light enough to see. I really did not want to go out. It's cold and damp and...okay, to be perfectly honest...dreary. But having done that, now I feel rejuvenated and more alert and alive. The cold air and the wetness of the tiny flakes actually felt good.

When I called this morning, my friend, Anne, was busy making German potato salad for her children and grandchildren who were expected to gather at her house for dinner. I asked that if there was any left-over potato salad, would she save me one serving. Sure, she said. A half hour later, her husband was at my door with not only some German potato salad but also a slice of ham, a grapefruit, an orange and a tangerine. So instead of roasting a small chicken and making some smashed potatoes with lots of minced garlic and butter as I had planned, all I'm going to do is prepare a large mixed vegetable salad. In fact, just writing about it makes me feel hungry.

My intent when sitting down here at the keyboard was to share my thoughts about the newest Larkin-VanderPutten masterpiece calendar. But that will need to be another sitting and pecking time period...the kitchen is calling me in a loud voice.

Omigosh!! I just turned on the TV and tuned into the world outside my own little corner of Virginia, and learned the latest on the winter storm. This turn of events severely threatens Brian and Elizabeth's plans to somehow get the Saratoga tomorrow. Goodbye for now so I can tune into him.


Aunt Maureen
December 25, 2010