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Hello Family,

During a conversation with Therese a couple of weeks ago, she told me that their block of row houses are getting a facial lift. The scaffolding has been up for a couple of months now while the exteriors are being scraped, patched and painted. She has not been able to get in and out of her house without ducking under and around all the scaffolding. In addition to the outdoor challenges, indoor renovations also are taking place. A small bathroom is being created out of a section in the back of the tiny kitchen and the kitchen is totally off limits to all except the workmen. As we were talking, all the kitchen stuff had been moved into the sitting room and they had only the use of an electric teakettle and the small microwave. The new toilet was parked in the front hall entryway. Bear in mind that their apartment is tiny at best and poor Therese feels like she is camping out in her own little place. And this has been the way of life for her for the past two months at least.

Sr Carmel currently is in the hospital following more seizures but is expected to be transferred to a respite care facility any day now. She surely cannot go home to the current mess. If anyone wishes to send a card to Carmel, direct it to her home address and Therese will hand deliver it to her.

Therese's Parish is building a new church. The original church is in sad disrepair and is too small for the current congregation. Therese has purchased a foundation brick in the name of the American Larkins. What a beautiful thought!

Update complete for the moment.

Love to all, Aunt Maureen
Wed, 15 Nov 2006

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NOTE: Before long, checks came in from CyberLarkin families in Virginia, New York, Arizona and elsewhere.


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 19:39:37 -0800 (PST) 
Subject: [CyberLarkins] Sr Therese's bricks Reply-

Dear Family,

I'm way behind in sharing the saga of the bricks. To wrap it as succinctly as possible, we sent Sr Therese a check totaling $300 with a letter (hand written, if you please) explaining that it was a donation in her honor with a portion as thank you to Sr Maureen and a portion to honor Sr Carmel. Sr Maureen graciously acknowledged our gift. Sr Carmel is hospitalized following repeated mini-strokes. Carmel and Therese have been companions and friends for many, many years.

Sr Therese has sent a certificate from the church acknowledging our gift. I have just sent the certificate to Uncle Brian asking if he will scan it and post it in a CyberLarkins message for everyone to see.

Needless to say, Sr Therese was delighted with the thoughtfulness of the American Larkins. When we talked last, she told me that all the names of the contributors have been put into a time capsule and placed (and sealed) under the foundation of the High Alter in the new church. The church is nearly complete now and its consecration is expected to take place sometime this year.

Thanks everyone. It really meant a lot to our Irish cousin.

Love, Aunt Maureen


Sharing a communication with Sr Maureen. This should have immediately followed my message to you last night to make better sense. Regardless, here it is. 
Love, Aunt Maureen 


From: maureen mckinney
Date: 2007/01/20 Sat PM 01:30:47 EST 
Re: Thank you!

Thanks for your letter. I am glad you got the bricks sorted out, and I am sure Therese is delighted with your donation to the Church. It was very kind of you,and thanks for remembering me. Carmel is still not too good. She got a few attacks last week, and was back in hospital. She is back in Beechmount again, but is not too well. She is extremely weak. I was in Beechmount with her last Sunday when she had an attack and was taken to hospital. I wonder if she will ever be able to come back to Limestone Road. Therese wants to stay in her own house, and she knows she can come here anytime. We see her often. She is very attentive to Carmel. I wonder how Therese will cope if anything happens to Carmel. They have been friends for so many years, and always worked together. We are all well here. The weather is terrible at the moment-----cold and stormy, and snow on the way. I hope you are well, and I'll keep you in touch with happenings over here. Love, and God Bless. Maureen.


Maureen Wright <> wrote:

Dear Maureen,

You may have thought that I fell off the face of the earth but that is not the case, as you see. How are things there on Limestone Road at both addresses? I worry about Therese being alone there at #252. She told me that you sisters at The Glen have offered her shelter there at your house but its easy for me to understand her desire to remain in her own space. What is the latest word about Carmel?

Maureen, I decided that it was best that I address the brick situation directly with Therese herself. You provided the guidance that I needed to return Therese's thoughtful gesture with the purchase of bricks. I have written a letter the Therese explaining my family's wishes and enclosed a check written to her to go toward brick purchases, i.e., the church's building fund. My family wants to thank you for your continued assistance in all things related to Therese and asked that some bricks be donated in your honor. That was written in my letter to Therese. The letter was mailed three days ago and should arrive in another few days.

We Larkins are grateful for all the updates and help you provide us.

Warm regards,