Maureen Larkin Wright - Welcome to My Little Corner of Virginia

I'm not really missing your snow at all

Actually, Big Brother, I'm not really missing your snow at all. 

The 3" of snow that landed here in Amelia was just enough to create a white Christmas, and it continues to linger. The snow is feathery light and, until this morning, covered every tree and shrub. However, the wind gusts this morning were fairly brisk and over time blew all the snow off the trees. 

Then, not satisfied with denuding the trees, the wind kept rearranging the snow as it fell toward the ground. As soon as the flying snow landed, the wind picked it back up and formed it into snow angels...a continuous array of snow angels of various sizes. 

The wind was having a grand time playing around with the snow and the snow seemed to be loving it. And if you listened very, very carefully, you could hear them laughing together.

So, you keep your snow and we'll keep ours, and let's keep in touch.

December 27, 2010