Maureen Larkin Wright - Welcome to My Little Corner of Virginia

The Nest is Empty

Good evening, Family,

The nest is empty. The tiny nestlings are no longer in their nest built on the camp stool on the side porch. I peeked into the nest yesterday and could see nothing. Wait another day, I thought, then look again. Perhaps they've moved into the back of the nest, out of sight.

Today I bent down and turned my head sideways to look deep into the nest. Nothing. The nest was empty. The miniature fledglings left in silence with no fanfare, no chirping, no noise. They left in the same quiet manner in which they had lived on the porch for those few short weeks. Although I wasn't there to witness it, I think they each probably turned and waved goodbye as they flew away to a brand new way of life...a life of freedom.

Later, I carefully and slowly put my hand into the nest to get a sense of the lives that had been born there and had grown to fledgling size. There existed within that small, carefully crafted nest , a beautiful feeling of peace and tranquility. My fingers found and retrieved one small downy baby feather, deliberately left behind, I think, as a tangible memory of their having become part of my life. Every such encounter adds a bit of richness to ones life, an expanded sense of community with nature.

Love to everyone, Aunt Maureen