Maureen Larkin Wright - Welcome to My Little Corner of Virginia

The Fog Decorated my Yard with glistening white Cobwebs

Good Morning Everyone,

Its a gray and white morning here in my little corner of Virginia, not a dreary gray and white but an interesting gray and white morning.

At this time of year, fog is a daily occurrence. Actually, the fog begins in the evening and I sometimes stand at my front door and watch the fog slowly drift across the meadow and on up toward my house.

The lights in the distant farmhouse seem to dim and then disappear entirely, and soon all I can see is the split rail fence which runs across my front yard.

I get a warm, comforting feeling as the fog gently wraps itself around my little area and settles in for the night.

But it is this morning that I want to tell you about. Overnight, my yard has decorated itself in a totally different way. No lightening bugs, no leaves, no mushrooms .. no, no, not this time.

This morning my lawn is decorated in gray and white. The dense gray fog continues to blanket the area but my lawn is decorated with hundreds of small white flowers.

Well, not really flowers, but they could be flowers if I wanted them to be flowers. They are actually cobwebs, very small cobwebs and they have been woven in hundreds of different places on top of the grass all over my lawn.

They aren't dense and heavy like cotton sometimes is, but they have that nebulous quality of spent dandelion blossoms after they have gone to seed.

The moisture from the fog has condensed on all the cobwebs, and as the morning light continues to infiltrate the fog, it is highlighting the hundreds of cobwebs.

I just had to share the scene with you this morning; the gray fog, the early daylight and the glistening white cobwebs decorating my lawn.

Love to everyone, 

Aunt Maureen
Amelia Courthouse, VA
Sun, 29 Aug 2004


" I loved your musing on the cobwebs. I think of them as leprechaun trampolines except most of the wee folk in legend have too big a paunch. More likely it would be that leprechauns lure lithe-er friends (read victims) to try their new toy and then collect the pocket change they shed while they are jumping! " - Judy Parker-Falzoi, September 3, 2004