Maureen Larkin Wright - Welcome to My Little Corner of Virginia

Sitting Beside a Steam in Late October

Dear Family,

It was nearly November and the woods were warm and sunny. I had been looking forward to this day for over a year and now it was here. I sat for awhile on a large fungus-covered tree trunk which had long ago fallen very close to and parallel with the nearby stream below. Following a substantial rainstorm, this small stream becomes a raging torrent, I have been told. Today it is a stream.

Sitting with my eyes closed in a small patch of sunshine on top of that old dead tree, the lovely hushed sounds of nature drifted into my little world. A tiny fish, perhaps a minnow, surfaced several times making its little "pung" sounds. An occasional acorn plunked to the ground behind me and a maple leaf fluttered down into my lap. In the distance, three different kinds of birds gave a couple of calls, but not to each other. They were calling to me. And then a small breeze stirred very quietly through the trees, creating a soft late October symphony. Carol was sitting a few feet behind me lost in deep meditation.

After awhile, I got up and quietly walked deeper into the woods looking for that special place which has been calling me, like a siren, for the past several years. There was little of the traditional enchanting autumn color left to gaze at so instead, I studied the low growing plants as I meandered along taking care not to step on any of the emerging young rhododendron plants which have sprouted up around their aging parents. They are too young to produce blooms next spring but they will be lovely in a few years.

Further along were several large patches of running pine and I sensed the presence of several colonies of faeries. Again being very careful, I gently cleared a small space, sat down and waited for the faeries to show themselves to me. They did not come. I waited. They did not appear.

Finally I pulled out an apple and my notebook and pen and started this letter so as not to forget the details. Why can I not see the faeries? Are they afraid of me? I can hear the songs in the wind and the music in silence, but I cannot see the faeries. Why?

It is time to find my way back to the house and reconnect with Carol who has granted me the privilege of sharing these woods. One day I will be able to actually see the faeries and until then, I simply must be patient.

And so goodnight, and love to everyone,