Maureen Larkin Wright - Welcome to My Little Corner of Virginia

Hello family, friends and guests. Welcome to my back yard. This is where I occasionally muse a bit about how lucky I am to live out here in the countryside, with a farm across the way and a two-lane road in front. Yes, living in a rural area is indeed peaceful and lovely.
March Wind Doth Blow April2, 2015
"When snow falls, nature listens" Nov 2012
Sparrows have a 5-note call, May 2012
A small Carolina wren, August 12, 2011
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Tonight's Sunset, September 2008
Sitting beside a stream in late October 2007
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Turkeys Can Fly, May 2006
Waiting for the Snow 2006
A Late November Thunderstorm 2005
Gratitude, October 2005
Festival of Lights, June 2005
March Winds, March 2005
A ho-hum yard, July 2004 
An earthquake in my back yard, 2003
There's something special about wild turkeys
Maybe tomorrow, it's too cold today, 2003
Snow Day in Amelia, January 2002
Raccoons are prettier than possums, 2001
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Winter officially arrives ...
Indian Summer 2005
My Moon Flowers, October 2005 
Autumn officially arrives next Thursday, 2005
Deer tiptoe in my back yard, Dec. 2003
Lightening bugs, June 2004
Storm Warning, January 2002
Daylight Savings Time, April 2004
More about wild turkeys, August 2004
Glistening White Cobwebs on my Lawn
Twilight is a very special time. July 2005