Maureen Larkin Wright

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a woman


You all know how quickly everything seems to grow in the early spring. My yard was more than a week overdue for its first spring cutting...closer to two weeks. I had engaged a young neighbor to do a major yard clean-up and he had finished a few days ago. The fierce winter and early spring winds had done some major -- and minor -- tree pruning and my yard was a mess. Now it was my turn to take the next stop and mow.

Well, the mower wouldn't start. I had neglected to disconnect the battery at the end of the autumn season and the best it would do was whimper. Hmm, dilemma. The mower is tucked away in a lean-to behind the shed. There seemed to be limited options. I could call someone to come mow for me and pay him $50 whenever he could find the time to come out here. But I really wanted to do the first mowing myself and experience the pleasure of seeing the outcome of my own labor.

Fortunately, there are jumper cables in the trunk of my car. So I drove my car across the lawn and down beside the shed as close to the lean-to opening as possible. Yea! The cables were just long enough to connect to both batteries.

Now the tricky part. The battery of the mower is housed under the seat, so one has to tilt the seat forward in order to connect the cables. That means that you can't put the seat back in place until the cables are removed. But in order to start the mower, the clutch has to be completely depressed while turning the ignition switch. That part was doable ...awkward but doable. But then there has to be pressure on the seat to keep the engine running. So I applied pressure to the seat area with my right elbow and shoulder while the right arm and hand stretched across to the ignition switch and my left foot depressed the clutch. What an absolutely absurd and ridiculous position.

The engine would ignite and run until I withdrew my elbow and shoulder from the folded-forward seat. Finally I stood back and laughed at the situation, knowing that somewhere there was a solution.

Aha! I put the full gas container on the tilted seat area and balanced it against the steering wheel. That supplied just enough weight to make the mower think that someone was sitting on the seat. Eureka!

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a woman, regardless of her age.

After disconnecting all the cables and storing them back in the car trunk, I backed the car up and headed across the lawn again to park it in the carport.

It took a very long time to get everything mowed because it was overgrown and because whatever land is visually mine, also gets mowed.

My tiny little corner of the world looks so beautiful and peaceful now...wish I could share it with you all.

Goodnight and sweet dreams,
April 20, 2013