Maureen Elizabeth and John Vincent Harmon Family

Commander John Vincent Harmon and Maureen Larkin Harmon
Supply Corps Ball, November 2004

Shane Michael Harmon 
9th Grade

"Shane was born in Japan and Kyle in Singapore."

Kyle Harmon
Christmas 2005

Maureen Larkin Harmon

July 4, 2005

I grew up an only child in Albany, NY and lived with my mother and grandmother. When I was 9, my mother married and when I was 10 my brother, Louis, arrived. I also have a sister, Crystal, who was born 4 years later.

When I was 21, I married my high school sweetheart, John Harmon, and we began a life of fun and adventure. John is a Commander in the US Navy and we are currently stationed in Jacksonville, FL. We are blessed to have two wonderful boys Shane who is 14 years old and Kyle who is 11. 

We have been stationed around the country and the world and have loved every minute of it. We have lived in Athens, GA; Yokosuka, Japan; Lemoore, CA; Singapore; Hawaii; Monterey, CA; Stafford, VA, and now Jacksonville, FL. Our boys each call a different country home. Shane was born in Japan and Kyle in Singapore. They are both eager to visit the country where they were born and we hope to someday make that happen.

We just moved from Stafford, VA to Jacksonville last November. But we do travel back there often (2 times already since being down here) since we still have many friends there and we all consider it home.

I enjoyed being a stay-at-home for many years w/a few part-time jobs here and there to get out of the house and keep my sanity. While living in Stafford, I got my real estate license and began selling homes. I love RE so much that I have just recently received my FL license and as soon as my boys go back to school in August I will start working again. Right now we are enjoying the summer and the laziness that goes along with it.

Christmas 2007

It was lunch time at the North Pole. Mike and Ike Jingle, two elves from the Nintendo division, slipped outside the toy factory and quietly raced behind the reindeer barn. 

"You got it?" Ike asked as Mike pulled out a sheaf of papers and smiled slyly. "Yep," he said. "Got it." They huddled together as Mike unfolded the papers.

"So who are we reading about today?" Ike asked anxiously, trying to peer over Mike's shoulder. Santa had never installed satellite TV at the North Pole, which meant entertainment was mainly limited to watching reindeer games and playing hockey. Mike and Ike were tired of both. So the two had hacked into Santa's recently computerized "Naughty and Nice" list to read about the lives of the faraway people who awaited the red-suited gentleman's visit every year.

"Let's see. Today we've got... some folks from Florida," Mike said.

"Wow! They've got sun there!" Ike said. Ike's dream was to live in a sunny place. "I bet this one's gotta be good."

Mike's eyes skimmed the paper. "Sorry. Don't think so. Doesn't look too exciting."

Ike's face fell. "Well, might as well read it anyway. We don't have anything better to do." He leaned against the reindeer barn and stuck his tongue out to catch the snowflakes that had started falling.

"Let's see," Mike said. "John, Maureen, Shane and Kyle are their names. They all have a few marks in the Naughty column, but still got overall rating as Nice."

"Darn. Nice people are always so boring," he said.

"Well, it's not all bad. ... Says here that they took a trip this year - a cruise to Alaska, just shortly after John Retired from the U.S. Navy. Seems they all flew to Seattle then on to Vancouver Canada where they spent one night prior to boarding the Cruise ship. They spent a week cruising and visiting Alaskan waters and cities with some of the best weather of the season.

"Hey, that's cool. What else? You said John Retired?"

Mike's eyes continued down the page. "Yes, and he isn't that old so to feel younger he tells everyone he 'transitioned.' It seems they had a huge party with lots of family and friends from all over the country that came to congratulate John. After 20 years in the Navy he decided to move on to find a new career. He did take time to relax and enjoy his brief unemployment while

looking at new career opportunities. He was getting bored of the slow life though and it appears he is already hard at work as a consultant."

"What?!" Ike yelled, forgetting all about catching snow on his tongue. "I've always wanted to do that."

Ike went back to his snowflake catching. "I guess these people aren't as boring as I feared." He leaned his head way back to catch a snowflake and his green elf hat fell into the snow with a soft jingle from the bell on top. "What else?"

"It says Maureen is getting quite a good name in the local real estate circles. She really enjoys it and her enthusiasm truly shows as she is sought after, particularly for helping first time home buyers and transferring military personnel. She is also president of the PTO at Shane's school and spends lots of time chauffeuring the boys around." "Gee, that makes me tired just thinking about it" said Mike.

"Shane is a junior now and is still practicing his drill techniques for NJROTC competition, before and after school and hopes the Orange Park High School NJROTC Unit will achieve national ranking for a third straight year. He is driving with a permit and has his own (used) car which he looks forward to buying gas for when he does get his license."

"Kyle had a great year ... he is finally the tallest in the family and while the youngest, is often mistaken for much older. A freshman, he finds that enjoying high school is a full time job. He is in the Future-Business Leaders-of-America and has quickly learned how to speak in front of large. . . no, HUGE groups. Kyle is also an active participant in the high school drama department. He did the technical support (sound & lighting) for school plays at the high school and he even went back to his old middle school to help them out."
"The dog, Kelly still eats too much people food but is a great noise alarm for visitors and lets everyone know if any truck comes within 5000 yards of the house.

Ike took a break from trying to catch snowflakes and looked at his watch. "Hey, we better get something to eat before we get back to the toy factory. Anything else before we grab some grub?"

Mike skimmed the list. "It also says Maureen's sister Crystal moved to Jacksonville last year and lived with the Harmon's until her new home was built. They miss her a lot and the house sure seems empty now that she has her own place ... but she visits often and they really enjoy that."

Ike swiped at one more snowflake with his tongue. "Think you can get another one tomorrow?"

"Sure. No problem. Santa will never know." He and Joe turned and headed off to the cafeteria to get lunch.

 They never even saw the man in the red suit who was quietly adding names to his Naughty list.