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Family Memory

His son Brian remembers getting unmercifully teased 
I Remember having Reindeer for Dinner

By Brian Larkin, October 25, 2003

Hi Lori -

Your Bambi line reminds me of a story. As anyone who knows me will testify, I am not generally known as an adventurous diner. Your Aunt Elizabeth is an adventurous eater. So is your cousin Shannon (whom I don't think you've yet met) and so was Caitlin. But not me. I'm what you'd call "boring."

So you can imagine how much daring it takes for me to try something really different. And that is just what I did one evening when dining with some old friends at a posh Georgetown restaurant. I don't eat at posh Georgetown restaurants very often mainly because I would rather have meat loaf at my local neighborhood restaurant.

Anyway, this particular night Aunt E. and I and two friends Clay and Eve have a very nice table at the 1789 (that's the name of the restaurant in case you are ever interested). We've had a glass of very nice wine and I'm scanning this fairly upscale menu for something familiar, safe and comfortable. I check with my companions about their choices and to a person each is having something pretty exotic (by my meat loaf and mashed potatoes standards).

Well, I know I'm in trouble no matter what I choose. So when it is my turn, I take a deep breath, puff up my chest and announce to the waiter that the reindeer venison and loganberry sauce looks interesting this evening. Let me tell you, Lori, that this is really pretty daring on my part. My companions just nod indifferently (it seemed to me at the moment) and conversation continued about Mexico or politics or whatever.

In due time when salads were finished and the main courses served, as I reached for my knife and fork, Clay starts quietly humming "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and was immediately joined by two other hummers. (You knew that was coming, didn't you.)

Oh, boy, what do I do now? I try ignoring them but that's no use. Every time I start to take a bite, Clay or Aunt E. (they were the main culprits) quietly struck up another bar or asked how I'm enjoying Rudolph this evening?

And still to this day, when the subject of deer hunting or venison comes up or during the Christmas season when that song is being played, as surely as Bing Crosby sang White Christmas one of them will inquire of me about Rudolph's health.

Venison -- bah!


Uncle Brian