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His son's wife Elizabeth teases, men may be slow, but they can learn
"Shopping" for our first Christmas Tree

By Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten, December 6, 2004

Brian and I were just married. I knew that my new husband did not like shopping very much (to say the least), but he said one December day "let's go buy a Christmas tree." In my naiveté, I equated "buy" with "shop." We get to the tree place and I see a tree that is very nice and say so. Of course, I start walking around looking at others, saying this one is neater; this one is fuller, this one is whatever. The snow is lightly falling and I am feeling so romantic. My new husband says "we found one we like, why are we walking around." I think I started to cry

Anyway, since then, my husband now of 27+ years always says, "That's a nice tree, but don't you want to look at others?"