The Charles Joseph Larkin

Family Memory

His granddaughter Kathi remembers going hunting for a Christmas tree with her dad. 

A Christmas Tree Memory

By Kathi Larkin, December 23, 2011

When I was young, I remember my Dad going hunting a few times with one or another of my uncles but as far I know the only thing they killed was six-packs of beer. One year my Dad did kill something and my brothers and I helped carry back his prey.

We were living in Brainard, NY, near the Massachusetts border. It was was a harsh winter, and the snow was piled high. I was in kindergarten, and Shane and Dan were 4 and 3 respectively. Dad bundled us up in our snowsuits and we set out to get our Christmas tree. It was cold, and the snow was piled so high that we had to stay in his footsteps to keep from falling down; even so, by the time we found the perfect huge pine, we were exhausted.

Dad must have known that we'd never be able to wait for him to chop it down, so he said, "Okay kids back up." and he took out his shotgun and shot down the tree!

We cheered ! So twilight found us tromping back through the woods dragging our prey. It was one of the prettiest trees ever and we had a great time getting it.

Merry Christmas to All

Kathi Larkin
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA