The Charles Joseph Larkin

Family Memory

His daughter Maureen remembers her late brother Francis on his birthday.
Hey, Francis

By Maureen Larkin Wright, July 22, 2009

Hey, Francis,

I am remembering one winter day while I was visiting you in RI. It had snowed overnight and all the cars in your parking lot were covered with snow. Together we went out and cleared off your car so that we could get on with our active plans for the day.

You went back inside to prepare breakfast but I was really enjoying the snow ... we don't get much here in Amelia... so I stayed outside and cleared off a whole row of cars.

When I returned indoors, you were standing with a small group of people at a large window in the reception room, and you were simply beaming!

"This is my sister" you proudly announced to your friends as you gave me a big hug. I probably had cleaned off their cars. You made me feel really great!

So, Francis, although it is not snowing here today, that white, crispy, sunny winter morning with you remains a lovely, warm memory.

And I remember that you called me "Sis."

Till another time, then....