The Michael and Diana Larkin Family - Krystal Nevada


Krystal's High School Graduation

Krystal graduated Thursday, June 3, 2004, in the first graduating class of Silver Stage High School in Silver Springs. She graduated with honors and received two scholarships.

Another Larkin hits the world.

Here she is shown with Steve, another proud Larkin father.

Krystal's senior pictures 2004

Krystal is set to graduate from Silver Stage High School this June.  It is a brand new high school and she in the first graduating class.  In the fall she will be going on to college for teaching, but which one is still undetermined. 



Krystal Nevada Larkin 

Nighthawk Volley Ball Star


Krystal Nevada in a playful mood


(School Photo 2002)

"Krystal - A high school junior, is a straight A student. She is a member of the high school Dance Team (sort of a pep squad that cheers for all the sporting events.) She also plays volleyball and basketball. Learning to drive has put a few (more) gray hairs on her father's head, but she does a good job and received her license on Friday, December 13th. She is looking at college options for a career in Social Work involving children or second choice, teaching. Definitely something with children."

--Aunt Tracy Larkin-Thomason
January 27, 2003

P.S. Law school would also be very nice. -Uncle Brian

Krystal Nevada Larkin coming home after a long day outing at Wall Canyon in rural NW Nevada (rural is an understatement)

(October 1999)