The Larkin-Thomason Family

Jon Michael Thomason

Jon, Black Belt, October 2005

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Jon, the Black Belt, 2005

"I am very pleased to present the newest Black Belt in the family. Jon did great on his test on October 15th and is now the newest black belt in the family! 

"During his test, he was completing a 360-degree jump, when he landed solidly on a staple. I saw him wince, but he finished his patterns and had returned to the sidelines before he pulled it out." 

"His Dad and I are very proud of him. He and the other 6 applicants did an impressive workout for almost 4 hours before the test was over. (They tell me it was a short test.) "

"Jon at 10 years was the youngest applicant. The ages of the applicants ranges from 10 to 38. He cannot test for his second degree until he is 12 years old. In the meantime it is back to regular practice."

-Tracy "Proud Mom" Larkin-Thomason
November 11, 2005