Jeff and Tracy Larkin-Thomason - Our Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Thomason

Jeff and Tracy Thomason on their wedding day (Nov. 28, 1997) at the Hot Springs in Genoa, Nevada.




At the Altar

Tracy, Jeff and Jon in front of the alter. (Flagstone floor, enclosed wooden gazebo, huge stone fireplace, sunset, candles, and lots of greens. The Hot Springs Resort is one of Tracy's favorite places and highly recommended.)



The Bride's Wedding Party

Michael (Steve) giving away the bride (Tracy). (He was very enthusiastic about that part.) Christina Fenner, an old friend from grade school traveled from New York to be the maid of honor. Nieces Katy (front) and Rebecca were the flower girls.



Dum, Dum, De dum...



The Bride's Brother and Sister-in-Law

Michael (Steve) and Diana Larkin dancing at the wedding.